Think Tank & Investment Committee

We strongly believe in a team approach to investment management and make it a daily quest to ensure that all our clients investments are properly allocated and in line with their personal goals and objectives. We have a Think Tank and Investment Committee who work behind the scenes to oversee all investments and serve as a resource to our advisors.

The Visionary Think Tank

_MG_4270 Under the guidance of Tim Hammett, Visionary Founder; John Fischer, Brad Keene and Taylor Knight provide in-depth research for our Visionaries and manage the assets of the firm. They developed and follow a disciplined research process that covers numerous criteria, all for the purpose of ensuring client assets are allocated properly to meet their goals.

The Think Tank meets daily to review client portfolios and to discuss investment strategies with our Visionaries. This team approach means every Visionary client has highly experienced CFPs and Portfolio Managers working in their best interest to help them build wealth and achieve or exceed their goals.

The Visionary Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee meets quarterly to review the investment processes our Think Tank is using, and determines if any changes need to be made to client portfolios. The Investment Committee monitors all investments for performance and results. This is a senior level committee devoted to ensuring our clients’ portfolios are always on track with their goals, and that we are providing the best investment opportunities the market has to offer.

Investment Committee Members

Mike Clark, CMFC®, Senior Wealth Advisor

Rich Collop, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, Wealth Management Advisor

John Fischer, CFA®, CFP®, Chief Investment Officer

Brett GillilandFounder & CEO

Tim Hammett, CFP®, AEP, Founder & President

Brad Keene, CFP®, Wealth Management Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Taylor Knight, Think Tank Analyst

Selden Martin, Managing Director of Business Development, Senior Wealth Advisor