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Providing Comprehensive Financial Planning for Your Family

The CarsonAllaria Group focuses on comprehensive financial planning for a select group of families and businesses. Our group is comprised of Scott Carson, Principal, Mark Allaria, CFP®, and Joe Allaria, CFP®.

Many clients consider our team as their personal CFO as we collaborate with their other trusted advisors, working together to simplify complex issues and deliver unparalleled service.   Above all else we place our moral, ethical and fiduciary obligations as a primary emphasis in every aspect of our advisor/client relationship. Our purpose is to make a significant difference for our clients, helping them feel confidence and clarity when it comes to their financial plan and allowing them to relax and enjoy their lives.

We primarily work with clients who are at or approaching the retirement phase of their lives and we are able to help these individuals make the best decisions regarding when to retire, when to start drawing Social Security, how to minimize income taxes, and how to build a lasting legacy through estate and insurance planning.

In addition, we also serve successful younger individuals who are striving to build their portfolio during their working years. Our fee-for-planning platform allows us to serve anyone who is serious about their financial future, regardless of how much they’ve saved so far.

The CarsonAllaria Group gives you the benefit of working with some of Visionary’s most experienced, well-educated and forward-thinking Wealth Management Advisors. Our team takes a thorough, comprehensive approach to growing and preserving your wealth, minimizing taxes, and accomplishing your pre and post-retirement goals. We also work hand-in-hand with the children and grandchildren of our clients to provide both education and multi-generational planning advice.

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