Welcome to Visionary Family Office

In the last 20 years, the world has changed significantly. Financial markets have been dramatically impacted, and generational issues continue to challenge accepted norms and traditions. Individuals experiencing crisis of confidence in their financial advisors are looking for a seasoned team of professionals to help them navigate life successfully.

When I began Greenway Family Office in 2010 I had already been advising individuals, business owners and families for more than 20 years. So many existing service firms are focused primarily on one aspect of the family: increasing the amount of liquid assets they can manage. They focus on bringing these assets over to their “own platform” and custodian. In my search for providing an optimal framework for serving families, I found that traditional financial services providers are interested in increasing their firm’s share of the clients “wallet” with only secondary, if any, regard for what may be the best structure and advice for the family. When the performance metrics of the firms I evaluated centered on “assets under management” and/or amount of their company’s product sales (whether they be loans, investments, trustee services, etc) I decided there had to be another option–a better way to serve families and business owners–sitting on their side of the table, bringing perspective, ideas and strategies to minimize their risk of financial failure, without regard to who was custodian, who was the money manager, tax preparer, trustee, etc.

Our clients lead complex lives with competing demands for their time and resources. So we formed Greenway Family Office with the singular purpose of providing families a central resource which connects all the areas of their lives (business, personal, philanthropic, tax…). Now we are in partnership with Visionary and have formed Visionary Family Office.

Family business owners have an additional need to create governance systems required to separate, and unite, family roles and responsibilities. What is best for the family long term may not be “selling at the highest price” to create a mountain of cash…other values and goals of the family should be evaluated, only some of which may be financial.

Our clients seek strategies to help them successfully navigate the myriad challenges they face. The culture at Visionary Family Office is accessible, agnostic, objective, confidential and looking out for the client’s best interest. Our team provides services within a collaborative environment, looking at the future as an opportunity for positive change, with the family’s finances as well as the family entity. In doing so, we uncomplicate the complicated and increase the family’s confidence that all is in order and no balls will be dropped. Ultimately, we are here to help families be successful in the short and long-term, and give family members more time to focus on each other and their unique passions.

My personal goal for each of our client families is to bring to them the unique services that they need, look forward to plan for milestones they have not yet encountered, stand firm in their stead while advocating for their best interests, and at the end of the day, have them say “Wow! They have helped my family and me in so many ways!”

We’re looking forward to talking with you soon.

Joan Malloy
Principal of Visionary Family Office