Estate Planning

Our Visionaries see estate planning as the ultimate expression of your most cherished values. It’s an opportunity to extend all that you are to those you care about most, and to leave the best of yourself as a legacy to be honored for generations to come.

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Dream Realized: Leave enough money for my great granddaughter to achieve all of her dreams.

While it’s common to put off estate planning, or do it once and never look back, we inspire our clients to take joy in it and view it as the reward for living a good and purposeful life. Planning how you wish to use your wealth for the good of your family, your cherished causes, and even the world, is powerful and inspiring.

Our Visionaries will help you articulate your values and help you envision the legacy you wish to leave. We will manage your investments and facilitate creating your wills, trusts and other vital documents. Your estate plan will not gather dust, but will be evaluated annually, or as needed, so that when you leave this world, all your wishes will be current. This in itself is a tremendous gift to your family.