Investment Management

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Dream Realized: Live on our own horse ranch in upstate New York.

Visionary Wealth Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor that offers objective financial expertise and portfolio management services. We deliver an open architecture of comprehensive products and resources that allow us to customize a solution that fits your needs. These resources include Equities, Fixed Income, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, and Managed Accounts. Being truly independent, we have no proprietary products to recommend or pressure to follow a pre-set agenda.

We work to build, preserve and protect your wealth through innovative investment allocations, tax strategies, risk management, and philanthropy. We have an internal Think Tank and Investment Committee, made up of senior level Wealth Management Advisors, Portfolio Managers and Analysts, who relentlessly watch over our clients’ investment allocations to ensure they are on track with their goals.

Our Visionaries see investment management as much more than growing wealth. We see it as a means to empower and accomplish your most important goals. We challenge our clients to think bigger and grow their wealth beyond all expectations, and use their prosperity to live their values.