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Planning Your Future
with a Visionary


As Visionaries, we go above & beyond the service of Financial Advisors. We start with a blank canvas. We come to the table with no preconceived ideas of how you should invest your assets.


We begin with a mutual discovery, discussing your needs, concerns, hopes and dreams for the future. We help you articulate and define your life goals. We inspire you to dream bigger, and open your eyes to possibilities you may never have dared to consider. As Visionaries, we go above and beyond the service of Financial Advisors. We start with a blank canvas. We come to the table with no preconceived ideas of how you should invest your assets.

We hope to inspire you to envision the best possible future for yourself, your children, and even your grandchildren. See it out there on the horizon, and then have the courage and faith to fearlessly pursue it.

Your financial plan is deeply personal, based entirely on what you value in life and wish to achieve. Our Visionaries embrace your life goals as if they were our own, and put forth a unique and innovative financial plan to get you there.

Our greatest joy comes from taking this journey with our clients and celebrating with them as each of the dreams they envision become reality.

Setting goals & creating a plan is basic.

Discovering your core values, your dreams, your Big Picture – and considering greater possibilities for your future takes vision. Creating a plan that seems too grand to achieve takes courage. And to stay on course with your plans, never giving up on your dreams, regardless of what adversities come your way, takes the dedication of a Visionary.


Your Visionary’s job is to facilitate your reaching your life goals. We take the journey with you, ensuring that your plan never goes off track. We provide you with extraordinary financial management software to help you see your complete financial picture anytime. We conduct quarterly reviews, discuss your progress, and make changes as life events occur.


Retirement Planning


We approach retirement planning as a means to achieve your lifelong dreams. The most important part of retirement planning is discovering what you value most, what you hope to achieve, & even what you always wanted but never dreamed was possible.


Our Visionaries see beyond the ideal vision of your retirement life, and also consider any life-changing events that may be ahead. An innovative retirement plan will keep you on your path to your life goals, regardless of what adversities may arise in the future. Your values are personal and unique, and are what guide your life and every decision you make. Once we understand what you truly value, we can define specific financial goals and objectives to ensure you can achieve what is most important to you.

Life is fluid and ever-changing, so your retirement plan must move along with it. Your Visionary will watch over your plan as your life unfolds, as markets and opportunities change, or if you redefine your goals. We will never leave your retirement plan alone to grow on its own. We will review it quarterly, and nurture it, challenge it, and adjust it as needed to keep it on track with your goals.

We stay with you throughout your retirement, encouraging you to live out the dreams you planned for yourself, ensuring that your spending is in line with your values, and that your wealth will last beyond your lifetime.

Investment Management


Visionary Wealth Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor that offers objective financial expertise & portfolio management services.


We deliver an open architecture of comprehensive products and resources that allow us to customize a solution that fits your needs. These resources include Equities, Fixed Income, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, and Managed Accounts. Being truly independent, we have no proprietary products to recommend or pressure to follow a pre-set agenda.

We work to build, preserve and protect your wealth through innovative investment allocations, tax strategies, risk management, and philanthropy. We have an internal Think Tank and Investment Committee, made up of senior level Wealth Management Advisors, Portfolio Managers and Analysts, who relentlessly watch over our clients’ investment allocations to ensure they are on track with their goals.

Our Visionaries see investment management as much more than growing wealth. We see it as a means to empower and accomplish your most important goals. We challenge our clients to think bigger and grow their wealth beyond all expectations, and use their prosperity to live their values.

Concierge Services


Visionary Wealth Advisors provides service to our clients that goes well beyond financial planning & risk management. We look out for you, help you take care of things that need to get done, & work to simplify many of life’s complexities.


Many important decisions and tasks require the services of multiple professionals, such as attorneys, CPAs, bankers, or tax preparers. When you need to refinance your home, prepare your taxes, or draw up a will, for example, you just give us a call and we will coordinate the resources you need, so that all you have to do is come to our office and sign the documents. We can even arrange to have the fees from all outside professionals combined into one bill.

We are working on expanding our complimentary concierge service to not only make tasks simpler, but to help you enjoy life to the fullest. Watch for an announcement in the near future.

Estate Planning


Our Visionaries see estate planning as the ultimate expression of your most cherished values. It’s an opportunity to extend all that you are to those you care about most, & to leave the best of yourself as a legacy to be honored for generations to come.


While it’s common to put off estate planning, or do it once and never look back, we inspire our clients to take joy in it and view it as the reward for living a good and purposeful life. Planning how you wish to use your wealth for the good of your family, your cherished causes, and even the world, is powerful and inspiring.

Our Visionaries will help you articulate your values and help you envision the legacy you wish to leave. We will manage your investments and facilitate creating your wills, trusts and other vital documents. Your estate plan will not gather dust, but will be evaluated annually, or as needed, so that when you leave this world, all your wishes will be current. This in itself is a tremendous gift to your family.

Insurance Assessment


Our Visionaries include risk management in every financial plan.


We believe family, life goals and big dreams for the future are important enough to protect from any type of adverse event. As your assets grow, your family expands, and life changes, we assess your insurance coverage to ensure that whatever happens, you or your family can continue living the lifestyle you created.

College Planning


Our Visionaries help you plan for your children’s higher education, beginning with defining your family philosophy.


Some families feel that it’s important to fully fund all educational expenses, while others feel that their children should share the cost. We will discuss all options and help you determine what approach will be most beneficial to your children, and then recommend the appropriate college savings plan.

Business Retirement Plans


We can help your small or medium size business attract & retain quality employees through a customized employee retirement plan. Based on the size & makeup of your company, we can develop an appropriate plan design & coordinate administrative functions with local third party administrators.


We use Prudent Investment Practices, which are at the core of the Center for Fiduciary Studies, allowing us to enhance the investment process and potentially improve long term investment performance.

Because of our independent RIA status, as well as having an Advisor on staff with an AIF® (Accredited Investment Fiduciary ) designation, we are required by law to act in the best interests of our clients and retirement plan participants. In many cases, we stand as a co-fiduciary with our plan Sponsors, helping them minimize their plan liabilities.

We understand that for many business owners, employees are like family, and you want to make sure their years of service are well rewarded in their retirement years. We will design a custom plan to meet your goals, then educate and support your employees to ensure they get maximum value from their retirement benefits.


Employee Retirement Plan Options

  • 401(k)
  • Profit Sharing
  • SEP IRAs
  • Simple IRAs
  • Deferred Compensation Plans

DreamCenter: Your Complete Financial Picture


Visionary is about defining life goals & realizing dreams. Almost as important as having sound financial advice, is having smart financial & organizational tools to help you along the way.


We use the DreamCenter, an online program that lets you see all your finances – from bank accounts to investments to retirement projections in one place. It includes financial calculators and other helpful tools to give you a more realistic financial picture.  Our DreamCenter is where the plans and projections designed to achieve your dreams are literally at your fingertips from any computer or smartphone.

The DreamCenter also provides a digital vault to keep all your important documents. The deed to your home, loan papers, lease agreements, contracts – anything that’s too important to lose, we can scan and place in your private digital vault. In the vault, your important documents can never be lost, stolen, or destroyed by flood or fire. They are safe and accessible to you anytime day or night.

Being able to organize your finances, so you know your complete financial picture at any moment, can be extremely valuable when you have important life decisions to make. Having all your important papers readily available when you need them will save time and reduce stress when big opportunities arise, or major life events occur.

Log in to the DreamCenter here.

Philanthropy in Financial Planning


One of the greatest joys of building wealth is the ability to use it to promote the greater good.


Our approach to financial planning always begins with discovering your core values, which may include a love of art, a desire to help people in need, promote animal welfare, education, the environment or any cause. Whatever aspects of life you value and cherish, we encourage their support through philanthropy.

Philanthropy during your lifetime, and afterward through estate planning, can be generated through strategic investments in chartable funds and trusts. We can help you set up funds to generate an ongoing stream of revenue for any charitable organization. These funds provide needed support for your causes and substantial tax savings for you.