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All Visionaries

"It is so gratifying to help people articulate their dreams for the future. To work with them to achieve those visions is fulfilling beyond belief."

Jason Baldus, CFP®, MS


"Being a Visionary means thinking very big, being a pioneer in the industry, thinking about things not everybody thinks about."

Scott Vieregge


"Being a Visionary means uncovering what’s most important to clients and helping them achieve a life by design."

Tim Hammett

Co-Founder & President

"To me, being a Visionary can be described simply, listening to a client’s vision for their future and then implementing a financial plan tailored to achieve these specific dreams."

Matthew Fairbairn, CFP®, AIF®

Wealth Management Advisor

"Being a Visionary means I am among my peers, in an environment that commits resources, talent and expertise that allows me to provide world class Investment and Financial Services to my clients for many years to come."

Elizabeth Connelly, J.D., CTFA, CISP