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Visionary’s Educated Investor – Core Bonds

John Fischer, CFA®, CFP® | Chief Investment Officer
April 13, 2021

Given the choice, most would much rather talk about our favorite junk food than healthy eating habits (raising my hand). But as so many experts remind us, healthy eating habits are a core part of living our best life. As it pertains to our portfolio, the same can be said about core bonds. While higher yielding bonds, or junk bonds, are much more interesting to discuss, core bonds can help investors live their best financial life.

In this video, we discuss the following:

1:25 – Core bonds defined and why investors should own them now

2:15 – Why investors are being tempted to forget about core bonds

3:10 – How higher yielding bonds performed last year when the S&P 500 fell by 33%

4:40 – Why investors should be cautious owning higher yielding bonds

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