Our Visionaries – Visionary Wealth Advisors


  • John Fischer

    I enjoy the opportunity to transform a seemingly complex picture of investing and financial planning into a series of actionable steps that clients can take to achieve their financial goals.

    John Fischer
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Kate Sollberger

    I genuinely enjoy coming to work each day and being able to contribute to a unique firm and work environment.

    Kate Sollberger
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Brett Gilliland

    There is virtually nothing in the financial planning world our clients want that we cannot do.

    Brett Gilliland
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Jason Baldus

    It is so gratifying to help people articulate their dreams for the future. To work with them to achieve those visions is fulfilling beyond belief.

    Jason Baldus
  • Scott Vieregge

    Being a Visionary means thinking very big, being a pioneer in the industry, thinking about things not everybody thinks about.

  • Tim Hammett

    Being a Visionary means uncovering what’s most important to clients and helping them achieve a life by design.

    Tim Hammett
    Lead Visionary