Will Lauber



As a member of the Sterling Capital Group, Will helps clients achieve their life financial goals through managing their customized portfolios. He especially enjoys selecting the individual investments which help clients stick to the long-term plan to meet their goals.

Will has worked in the investment industry since 2004. Before joining the industry, Will spent five years in various corporate planning, investor relations, and accounting roles. Before that, he worked as a public policy analyst and congressional aide.

Will holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Politics from Princeton University and a Master of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis.

Will and his wife and daughter live in Kirkwood, MO. He is an active member of St. Gerard Majella Parish where Will has served as President of the School Board and runs the CYC golf program for the parish. He is a member of the Princeton Club of St. Louis Board and currently serves as President. He also serves as Treasurer of the CYC South Central golf program.