The Visionary Think Tank

The Visionary Think Tank

At Visionary, internal processes are utilized to allow our advisors an opportunity to better focus on their client’s needs. Visionary’s Think Tank partners with advisors to help manage client investments. The team is responsible for processing trades, rebalancing client accounts, and generating performance reports. By taking these ministerial tasks off the advisors’ plate, advisors are able to spend more time focusing on client needs.


Tim Hammett, CFP®, AEP, Founder & President

Taylor Knight, MBA, Think Tank Analyst

Andrew Mullican, Think Tank Analyst

A Team of Professionals

The think tank are professionals responsible for the operations of the firm including data management, trading, and billing.

  • Data Management – The Think Tank ensures that the data feeds being provided by our Custodians and portfolio accounting software is accurate and up to date for advisors and their clients.
  • Trading – Partnering closely with the Investment Committee, the Think Tank executes changes to model portfolios, re-occurring trades, and weekly rebalancing and oversees the daily trading of thousands of client accounts.
  • Billing – The Think Tank processes all advisory and management fees at Visionary for advisors and their clients.

By design, the goal of Think Tank is to be a resource to the advisors of the firm, allowing them to keep and maintain their focus on clients.