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You’re successful in your career. You’re busy raising a family. You want to know whether you’re on track to reach your financial goals. My mission is to put you on the path to financial freedom.

1405 North Greenmount Road
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Create Financial Peace of Mind.


1405 North Green Mount Road
O’Fallon, IL 62269

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Katie Martin, CFA, CFP®

Sr. Wealth Management Advisor & Investment Committee Chairperson

For the last two decades, I have been making an impact in the financial world. I spent the majority of my career as an investment analyst, doing in-depth research on investments, portfolio construction, and asset allocation. Having served as a leader at a Fortune 500 investment firm, I also know how to motivate people to success.

I am also a wife and a mom to two daughters. The professional side of me knew planning for the future was important, but the personal side of me also knew I wanted to spend meaningful time with my family along the way. This is what led me to transition to my role as an independent advisor at Visionary Wealth Advisors. I want to use my experience to make an even bigger impact on the lives of individuals. I want to go beyond the transaction to focus on adding value to my clients’ lives by serving as a trusted partner in growing their wealth over time.

My Difference

I can relate. I know what it’s like to navigate a career, take care of a family, plan for the future, and try to enjoy life today. You’re responsibly managing your finances – contributing to your 401(k), saving for your children’s college, have some money set aside for a rainy day – but you don’t know if you’re doing enough. I am passionate about helping you see what’s possible. You know what is important to you and what you want to achieve in life. You just need some help in making your money work toward these goals.

It starts by listening. I want to truly understand your vision for your life. I also know that money can be emotional, and an important part of my job is to help you make decisions grounded in information rather than emotion. While I serve all kinds of clients, I am particularly passionate about partnering with women – married, single, breadwinner, retired, widowed – who want to take control of their financial future.

I believe in an open, collaborative, and non-judgmental approach to discovering your goals & dreams and creating a financial plan customized to YOU.


Powerfully personal, transparent approach to financial planning and wealth management.

I provide my clients with an array of financial services, including customized financial planning,  personal wealth management, retirement planning, investment management, and all points in between. Since each client’s unique life and financial history requires its own roadmap, I custom-build a plan for every single client, designed specifically for her individual trajectory. It starts by knowing your net worth and evaluating your cash flow to see where you stand today, then working together to tailor a plan to put you on track for what you want to achieve in the future.

Financial Planning

  • Articulate your values and goals
  • Figure out whether you’re on track to reach your goals
  • Discuss what’s going on in your life that could impact your financial future
  • Continually review to ensure you’re on track

Investment Management

  • Review your current investments across all accounts
  • Develop a coordinated investment strategy designed to help you reach your financial goals
  • Manage your accounts and implement the recommended trades
  • Monitor your investments and make changes as necessary over time

Retirement Evaluation

  • Determine how much you need to save for retirement
  • Review existing retirement allocations and contributions
  • Evaluate tax impact of vehicles used to save for retirement
  • Determine distribution strategy for living in retirement

Education Savings

  • Tailor your education savings strategy to your philosophy on paying for education
  • Identify appropriate savings vehicles to implement your approach
  • Review and evaluate student loan options

Cash Flow Management

  • Evaluate current income and spending
  • Ensure you’re prepared to weather a disruption in cash flow
  • Develop a plan for spending money on the things that matter most to you

Business Retirement Plans

  • Help your small- and medium-sized business attract and retain quality employees
  • Customize a retirement plan to fit your business



I create financial plans that are uniquely tailored for each client, aligning the client’s money with her vision for her best life.

The core value that drives me above all others: doing what is best for you, the client. I am a fiduciary. This drives me to seek the best possible course of action for you, not just a suitable one. That’s my passion, and it pervades every aspect of my relationship with you, from exploring and understanding the complete picture of your goals and circumstances, to developing your customized financial plan and broadly diversified portfolio, to providing you with highly personalized service and support over time.

My Investment Philosophy

My approach to investing was formulated through my years of evaluating money managers across the industry. It includes three key elements designed to focus on what we can control:

Build A Portfolio Aligned To Your Risk Tolerance

The biggest driver of how your portfolio performs over time will be your asset allocation. Ensuring that your mix of stocks and bonds is aligned with your willingness and ability to take risks is the first step in developing the investment strategy for your portfolio.


We can’t predict which investment is going to perform the best in the future. Different asset classes perform well at different points in time, so my goal is to own a variety of different asset classes in my clients’ portfolios to hopefully help produce a smoother return profile over time.

Seek Low Expenses

We can’t control whether the market goes up or down, but we can control how much we pay for our investments. Where possible, I prefer to use low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to implement your investment strategy.

Your time is important

I get it. You have a career, a family, friends, hobbies. You don’t want to spend your time managing your finances, but you know it’s important and want your money to be working for you. I am here to help you execute on your financial plan so that you can spend your most precious resource – time – on the things that bring you joy. All meetings can be done virtually from the comfort of your home.

Managing Investments

Investments are the tool that brings your financial plan to life. Having spent more than 18 years analyzing investments and building portfolios at a Fortune 500 investment firm, as well as earning the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, I have the experience to manage your investments. I also serve as the Chairperson for Visionary’s Investment Committee, which is responsible for overseeing the firm’s model portfolios.

Whether you are starting small or have a large portfolio to work with, I am prepared to offer you everything you need from a relationship with a financial advisor.

Investing in your why.

As a Visionary, I’m proud to be a part of a culture that is focused on helping you achieve a future greater than your past. This starts by identifying your “why”. What is important to YOU? What do YOU hope to achieve? What kind of life do YOU want to live? Then we work together to build a plan to help you achieve it.

How the Fee Part Works

I am a fee-based financial planner. I’m only paid by you, the client. I don’t make money from product transactions. Instead, I earn a fee from the amount of assets managed. If you are just starting out or prefer to manage your own investments, I can also provide financial planning services for a flat fee based on the complexity of your financial situation. Unlike the vast majority of financial advisors, I don’t have a minimum portfolio size. To learn more, the first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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